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Workshop participant comments
Informal feedback

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The Duke Summer Chronicle  July 4-5, 1974, Synergic Theater premiere performances: “Syncronisms,” “Cartoonik,” “Delta Carnival”

The North Carolina Anvil, The Durham Morning Herald February 11, 12 & 18, 19, 1977, Synergy — Cube Roots: “Pipe Dreams,” “One God, Two Me, Three You and Four Dimensions,” “The Death of Charlie Noble”

San Francisco Examiner November 7-December 13, 1980: “Ruins”

San Francisco Chronicle November 27-29, 1981: “Ruins”

 San Francisco Chronicle March 26-28, 1982: “Private Lives,” “Discarnate Landscape”

Durham Morning Herald September 15-October 8, 1982: Synergic Theater Creative Process Workshop and showing

Durham Morning Herald and The Durham Sun January 7-9, 1983: “The Fool,” “Private Lives,” “Discarnate Landscape” (and works from guest, Richard Haisma)

Durham Morning Herald and The Durham Sun May 19-21 1983: “Birthday”

The New York Times July 20-23, 1983: “Private Lives,” “Birthday”

Durham Morning Herald and The Durham Sun March 11, 1984, memorial tribute performance for Frank Smullen and Giorgio Ciompi: “Pipe Dreams,” “Lullaby” (from “Private Lives”) and “Birthday”

Durham Morning Herald and Durham Sun May 31-June 2 & June 7-9, 1984, premiere: “Lost,” an evening-length shadow screen work

The New York Times June 21-23 & 28-30, 1984: “Lost”

The New York Times September 8-10 and 15-17, 1988: “Old Stones,” “Lost”

The New York Times September 6-9, 1989: “I, Migrant” (premiere), “Private Lives”

The New York Times and Attitude: The Dancers’ MagazineOctober 11-14, 1991, premiere: Terra Incognita incorporating “Pasos,” “Lost,” “I, Migrant

Feature articles

Berkeley Gazette November 1981

City Arts Monthly November 1981

Duke Dialogue Fall 1989


Gerald Arpino

Sam Scripps

Michael Cerveris (Duke Institute of the Arts)

Marc Wilde

Schimmel Center for the Arts (Pace University)

Robert Chapman re library aquisition of Synergic Theater Archives

Workshop participant comments

Nancy Smithner—Theater Performer/Director/Teacher (NYC) comments (pdf)
Nuria Olivè—Choreographer/Videographer (Barcelona, Spain) comments (pdf, Spanish)

Dawn Knipe—Arts Administrator (NYC) comments (pdf)

Caroline Raines—Dancer (KY) comments (pdf)

Lynn Anderson—Dancer (NYC/NC) comments (pdf)

Mark Lerner—Philosophy Student comments (pdf)

Laura Fernandez—Performing Artist (NYC/international) partial comments (pdf)

Isabelle Morin—Visual Artist (Nantes, France) partial comments (pdf)

Informal feedback

Professor Dumais and Chancellor Mortola (3-page pdf)

Mieke Van Hoek postcard (pdf)

Nancy Meehan postcard (pdf)