History Overview

The company was founded as Project Synergy at Duke University, where they presented their premiere performances with the 1974 US/USSR Summer Arts Festival and developed a creative process that became the foundation of their work. The company moved to San Francisco in 1978, where they performed under the name Delta Carnival, then back to Durham in 1982, reverting to the name Synergic Theater. From Durham, theprivate lives soloy brought selected productions to New York, before moving permanently to New York in 1987. Along the way, the company garnered considerable critical recognition. 

The Mannings’ original productions were presented at the Herbst Theater, Project Artaud, Julia Morgan Center, Margaret Jenkins Performance Gallery in SF; Reynolds Theater, Page Auditorium, the Ark, Baldwin Auditorium and Stewart Theater in NC; and Marymount Manhattan Theater, Schimmel Center for the Arts/Pace Downtown Theater, Schaeberle Studio Theater, and the Ohio Theater in NY. 

Suzanne White Manning bio statement (pdf)

David Manning bio statement (pdf)